Rare Himalayan Herbs For Supple & Blemish-Free Skin


The Himalayas are one of its kinds of place in the world and therefore the flora & fauna found in the Himalayas are also unique. The valleys of the Himalayas are habitats for some of the rarest & potent herbs that can be very advantageous for the skin. Combined with the science of Ayurveda - which shows how these herbs should be used - gives skincare products that have high efficacy for skin-related issues. These products are 100% Organic, Potent & Toxic-free.


Aroha Oils believes in slow beauty, but with better long-term benefits. The new age "Magic" formulas give the instant glow but it has severe long-term damages which are not only detrimental for the skin but also our health. Aroha Oils products don't work at a superficial level. They go deep inside the skin layers and works from within. They provide the nourishment required and restores the balance of the skin. We call these products "Food for Skin." All our ingredients are 100% Food grade & Natural. Our ingredients are only cultivated by our partnered farms in the Himalayas. 



"If we cannot eat it, we will never put it on our products."

Rare & Pure Ingredients -  

Every ingredient in our products comes from farms which we partnered to ensures that these ingredients meet our standards in quality, environmental, ethical and business integrity. Our approach looks to protect precious natural ingredients and also helps and support the livelihoods of our partner farms. Some of our ingredients our partner farm cultivate are Rare and Hard to produce. For example - Jatamansi - A herb that grows only at a very high altitude of 4,000 to 5,000 m in the Himalayas. Today, Jatamansi herbs are endangered, a rhizome-bearing medicinal plant in which we take extra care to ensure its sustainability. These herbs are very precious to us, and we take utmost care to preserve its legacy and support our partners who cultivate such rare botanical. Similarly, there are barks and roots used in our products that are again hard to find and rare. These ingredients give our products an edge and potency for your skincare regime.

We do not use any preservatives or any other toxics which has long-term damages to the skin. Our Motto is - "Respect Your Skin" - We focus on long-term, deep-rooted skincare. We believe in Clean beauty that is sustainable and eternal. 

Aroha Oils was created with our great belief in Ayurveda using only quality ingredients which are ethically sourced. Our products are a creation of our passion and we produce them using only plant-based ingredients and ensure the freshest and most efficacious products for the skin. At Aroha oils, we are deeply committed to providing clean, sustainable, and deep-rooted skincare to our customers. Using Aroha Oils products over a while, you will see a visible difference in your skin making your skin silky soft, supple, and blemish-free. 

We urge you to explore our handcrafted products made from the rare, yet potent goodness of the Himalayas.