Story of Aroha Oils



Aroha Oils was founded by three siblings on a mission: create a slow skincare line, inspired by the Himalayas and based on the ancient science of Ayurveda. Add to that a sustainable, whole plant approach, and Aroha Oils was born.  Vivek Agarwal, Founder of Aroha Oils, along with siblings Manita and Ankush, together launched the slowskin care company in 2020, after sister Manita could not find the kind of quality, natural skincare products that she herself was looking for. 

The siblings embarked on a journey to the Himalayas in search of pure and rare ingredients which would be the heart of Aroha Oils.  There they partnered with local growers to ethically source rare, unadulterated and fresh ingredients that are the foundation of the authentic Ayurveda skincare products the company produces. Aroha Oils donate 10% of profits to their partner communities in the Himalayas, for the education of girls and also for upliftment of tribal women.

Working alongside Ayurveda experts, Aroha Oils formulates some of the best skincare products which are made by hand and in small batches. All the products from Aroha Oils are preservative, chemical and water-free, making them undiluted and potent. 

“Our motto is ‘respect the skin.’” says Manita. “Our focus is on long term skincare, There are no quick fixes. We believe in beauty that is sustainable and eternal. Whole plant based slow beauty is the only way forward for all our skin issues.” 

Today, Manita is closely associated with brand ethos and implementing the brand mission on a daily basis. Vivek oversees product development and production, along with the brand identity of Aroha Oils. Ankush contributes to the overall strategy,logistics, and distribution of the product line.

All the three siblings are committed to bring pure, clean and ethical skincare and wellness products following the traditional ayurveda methods and sourcing ingredients from the pristine Himalayas. 

“Aroha Oils was created with our great belief in Ayurveda using only quality ingredients which are ethically sourced. Our products are a creation of our passion and we make them using only plant based ingredients and ensure the freshest and most efficacious products for the skin.  At Aroha oils we are deeply committed in providing clean, sustainable and deep-rooted skincare to its customers.”

- Manita, Vivek & Ankush – Aroha Oils Co-founders



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