Himalayan SuperHerbs™

What are Himalayan SuperHerbs™ ?

Himalayan Superherb™ are Rare Himalayan plants & herbs that are specially cultivated by partnered farms and are known for their powerful and potent skin benefits.

The high altitude (highest in the world) of the Himalayas has the most unique flora and fauna that produces the most potent Himalayan botanicals. These botanicals have tremendous benefits for your skin & health! :)

Born in the Himalayan, indulge in Clean, Pure & Potent skincare. Rare Himalayan plants & herbs are specially cultivated and known for their powerful and potent skin benefits.

Benefits of SuperHerbs™

Exceptional Nutrition for various skin and health related needs.
 Rare & Potent herbs
 Grown by partnered farms - Biodynamic farms or Wild crafting 
  Clinically proven for their effectiveness

"The purest Ingredients cultivated in the pristine Himalayas by our partners growers organically and in the most sustain manner."


Farm to Bottle- Rare & Pure Ingredients 


A seed is the start of our process. 

We meet with our partnering farms in Uttrakhand & Himachal Pradesh in the Himalayas and work with them with our requirements for herbs and plants and ensure that we source high quality, organic, and nature-friendly ingredients. For our few other ingredients, we again ensure that we are sourcing our ingredients that are as per our quality and ethical norms set by Aroha Oils. In accordance to our practice of Farm to Bottle - We have partnered several Biodynamic & organic farms in Himalayas to provide pristine and pure natural abundance in each and every bottle.

Every ingredient in our products comes from farms which we partnered to ensures that these ingredients meet our standards in quality, environmental, ethical and business integrity. Our approach looks to protect precious natural ingredients and also helps and support the livelihoods of our partner farms.

Organic / Wildcrafted

Our ingredients are either cultivated organically, or Wild harvested. We take pride in our precious herbs from our partners' farmers from high-elevation Himalayan valleys and villages. We constantly monitor our farm material that are so critical for us as these ingredients will be the stuff that provides the nutrient value in our products.


We search for potent botanicals from some of the wildest and remotest habitats on the planet. one the Some of our ingredients our partner farm cultivate are Rare and Hard to produce. For example - Jatamansi - A herb that grows only at a very high altitude of 4,000 to 5,000 m in the Himalayas. Today, Jatamansi herbs are endangered, a rhizome-bearing medicinal plant in which we take extra care to ensure its sustainability. These herbs are very precious to us, and we take utmost care to preserve its legacy and support our partners who cultivate such rare botanical. Similarly, there are barks and roots used in our products that are again hard to find and rare. Similarly, we super-critcally extract world's Sea buckthorn berries from Leh and 99% pure Bakuchiol from babchi plant in the Himalayas. These ingredients give our products an edge and potency for your skincare regime. Also, On an average we spend 6-8x more on our ingredients than others!


Our commitment to purity and quality ensures that chemically refined, pre-preserved, or otherwise compromised ingredients are rejected by us. We purposefully partner with farms to curate potent natural ingredients that are sustainable. 

Edible / Food Grade 



"If we cannot eat it, we will never put it on our products."

This is the essence of our product philosophy. Most skincare products - 60% of what you apply on your body is absorbed by the skin and then passed on to the bloodstreams. So, indirectly, you are eating your skincare products. Therefore, our Skincare regime should involve non-toxic and food-grade material that our body can make good use-of. Due to our potent formulas - the absorbing rate is far higher, and therefore we only use food grade and edible ingredients. These superlative ingredients provide all the nutritious value required by our skin daily. 

 Cruelty Free

We strongly believe that skincare products should be cruelty-free. We test our products only on humans and NEVER on animals. We also make sure that our products don't damage our Mother Earth. 


All are products are Natural with natural aromas. Our products are free from - Alcohol, Petrochemical, Parabens, Phthalates, Sulphates. Glycols, Formaldehyde, PEG, Silicones, MEA, TEA, GMOs, or DEA. Our product line is 100% toxic-free for you & for the environment. 

Aroha Oils is a authentic range of plant-based skincare, made  with exquisitely sourced, highly vigorous whole plant, handpicked at their best for unrivaled Potency, Uniqueness and Purity. 

Pure Ingredients is the essence of our Products. 

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