Respect Your Skin.







Our core philosophy comes from Respecting one's own skin and Respecting the mother nature. Respecting our skin means to free our body from any chemical and toxic products, we put on our skin for instant gratification. Aroha oils believes in slow beauty, but with better long term benefits. The new age "Magic" formulas give the instant glow but it has sever long term damages which is not only detrimental for the skin but also the health.

With our motto - "Respect The Skin"
We are focusing on Long term rooted skin-care. No quick-fixes. We firmly believe in, Beauty which is sustainable, and eternal.

"Ayurveda teaches us to cherish our innate-nature – ‘to love and honor who we are’, not as what people think or tell us, ‘who we should be’.”

-Prana Gogia

Aroha Oils is a slow skincare, beauty, and wellness company with products sourced in the Himalayas and made in the tradition of Ayurveda. We use only the finest and purest of herbs and whole plant ingredients, blending modern approaches with ancient wisdom. To ensure the integrity of our products we hand select our partner growers, and pledge 10% of our proceeds to re-invest back into these mountain communities. Aroha, which means mountain in the ancient language of Sanskrit, pays homage to the Himalayas - the source of the core ingredients at the heart of our products.  The Aroha Oils mission is to help our customers to find beauty that is lasting, eternal, and sustainable.

Aroha Oils has a holistic view on the beauty and follows the Ayurveda's three core pillars of Beauty and Self-care -

The Three Pillars

  1. Inner Beauty - Roopam

  2. Outer Beauty - Gunam

  3. Lasting Beauty - Vayastyag

Roopam :

In Sanskrit, Roopam is the first pillar of beauty. This refers to outer beauty. It means "to shine," and is not defined by the hair color or eye color, or the skin color; it defined by the outer radiance. Roopam - i.e., the Radiating Skin, The Sparingly eyes, or the Shine in the hair. Respecting your skin with pure natural ingredients helps to achieve a truly radiant skin and body. 

Gunam :

Gunam is the second pillar, which reflects someone who is - giving, kind, patient, happy, and energetic. Following, the philosophy that beauty is not Skin-Deep. Happy, Caring, and Loving people have a kind of radiance which are unmatched. It is believed that this kind of Inner beauty is the kind that shines through from your soul, your consciousness, and the inner state of being. There is an inner light, or beauty, which radiates around them. There is an authenticity around the beauty.

Vayastyag :

The third pillar is known as Vayastyag, and this is lasting beauty. We see very healthy older people, young beyond their years, and still getting better with age. This is because they are following daily regimens like exercise, diet, meditation, massages, and using non-toxic skincare to slow down the aging process. The amalgamation of inner and outer beauty is the foundation of lasting beauty. 

Its time to treat the skin with respect. We need to give-up on harsh chemicals and artificial fragrances as it does more harm in the long run than any good in the short run. We need to work towards lasting beauty. We at Aroha Oils have a holistic approach to -

- Fix the problem at the roots.

                - Balance the Skin's natural structure and
- Sense of brilliance from within