The 5 Prāṇa Skincare System ™

The 5 Prāṇa Skincare System

Daily Ayurvedic Skin-care ritual by Aroha


Prana means life energies or vital principles - Aroha's 5 Prana skin rituals are designed based on the energies & nutriments required for a radiating skin.

Our 5-Prana skin ritual is designed to be simple, yet powerful to help to cover all the vital aspects of natural and deep-rooted beauty. Each of the 5-prana skin rituals is very important and only high-quality, herb-infused and natural products should be used. 

Let's understand this skincare system in detail - 

 I]  Tejasvi : 

USE: Light moisturizing face gel.

AYURVEDA SAYS: Your skin is the freshest in the morning after it rejuvenates itself with restful sleep and the nourishing skincare rituals from the night before that add to the skin’s health and luminosity. Since your skin is at its most sensitive and fragile state after waking up, you must avoid using chemical cleansers in the morning, as these can harm the skin in the long run. Herbs infused gels help to moisturize the face & also helps to hydrate skin and retain moisture with its ability to hold up 100 times its own weight in water. Avoid using face creams or moisturizers on the face. Ayurveda suggests the ritual of Ushapana, or the first drink of water to activate the body’s systems for the day, We do the same for our skin when we put a gel on our face. 

RITUAL: Apply a generous layer of the gel on clean skin and massage onto face and neck in circular motions with a light hand avoiding eyes. Should be done once a day at least (in the morning) but can be repeated for extra dry skin before bedtime. 

PRODUCT RECOMMENDED: Bakuchiol Nava Age-defying Face Gel - A Bakuchiol infused Radiating Face Gel it helps to - 
Blue - Light defense
✓ Wrinkle Corrector
✓ Intense Hydration

II] Taza :

USE: A high quality of rose toner 

AYURVEDA SAYS: Ayurveda describes Rose as Taruni - which means ‘unimaginably beautiful. Other than keeping the skin pH balanced - It also helps in soothing, relaxing, energizing, or even calming to burns and inflammation. Pure rose water helps to keep the skin hydrated and toned. A rose toner is preferred to any other flower toner for the potency and benefits rose mist offers for the face.

RITUAL: Can be used as many times as needed. Ensure that the rose toner is 100% natural without any preservatives. 

PRODUCT RECOMMENDED: Dhund - Pure Rose Toner from Kannauj - The most coveted variety of roses with immense skin benefits. 


III] Rasa: 

USE: High-quality herbs infused Body oils. 

AYURVEDA SAYS: Herbs-Infused oils free from any perfumes, dyes or chemicals are best for nourishing your skin daily. The oil nourishes the skin, penetrates deeper into the skin into the muscles and joints, and provides lubrication to the deeper tissues of the body. Ayurveda intrinsically suggests a slow and gradual approach to beauty, as opposed to momentary instant results. Exploring the idea of ritualization of holistic beauty, celebrating mindfulness and self-expression, we encourage you to treat yourself to the ritual of the Rasa. 

RITUAL - Apply a generous amount onto the body and hands, massaging with circular movements until absorbed. Apply right after bath or shower to damp skin. It helps to keep the skin moisturized and supple all day and also provides daily nutrients to the skin. 

PRODUCT RECOMMENDED: Kesari Nourishing Anti-aging Body Oil - Made with 26 rare Himalayan herbs along with a mix of 12 oils. 

IV] Jevi : 

USE: 100% Natural & nourishing face serum.

AYURVEDA SAYS: The Face is a mirror for our soul and special care should be taken for it. Every day our face needs rejuvenation due to the depletion of nutrients, pollution and stress. All this has great effect on our face and we need to rejuvenate our face by applying a quality herb-infused serum to help it nourish & rejuvenate. 

Usage: Take 2-3 drop of face serum on your palm, apply over the face with fingertips and gently massage onto the skin until fully absorbed. Always apply to clean face and it is suggested to apply on a damp face. Face needs to be washed every morning. 

PRODUCT RECOMMENDED: Rani - Glowing Anti-aging serum.  
Called as Kumkumadi Thailam Ayurvedic text of Ashtanga Hrudaya, as an essential beauty practice for the face. Various studies have shown how this oil helps to brighten & illuminate skin and delay signs of aging. Recommeded to use with Rani serum with the Bakuchiol Nava Age-defying Face Gel for a complete and total rejuvenation of face during the night. 

 V] Ojas :

USE: Plant botanicals infused balms.

AYURVEDA SAYS: Foot & hand massage just before you sleep can do wonders for your skin. As it helps to calm your nerve & promote deep sleep resulting in better skin. A good herb-infused balm for foot massage can help to rejuvenate the foot cells and helps to reduce stress and heal our body, mind, and consciousness. This simple act is one of the most vital aspects and is often missed by many in their skin rituals. It has phenomenal effect on the over skin texture and delays ageing of the skin. 

Ayurveda stresses the importance of foot massage as it is essential to strengthen the nerves and restore your vitality.

Usage: Take a small scope of the balm and massage your feet and hands. Every night for 3-5 mins just before sleep. 

PRODUCT RECOMMENDATION: Sama - Intensive Cellular Repair Balm

[Add on] Weekly Rituals

1. Head Massage -

USE - Herbs infused Oil

AYURVEDA SAYS:  A head massage with oils infused with herbs helps to relieve stress and reduce tension. It may also ease migraine or headache pain, lower blood pressure, improve circulation to your head and neck, and promote hair growth. 

Usage: Once a week, a deep head massage take suitable oil in your palm and massaging on your scalp for atleast 40 mins. May also be left on overnight if desired. Wash with a sulphate-free hair cleanser & warm water. Rinse well.

PRODUCT RECOMMENDATION: Sakti - Volume Booster for Hair


2) Face & Body Exfoliate -

USE - 100% Chemical-free Exfoliate

AYURVEDA SAYS:  Exfoliation helps to remove dead skin cells, but it also has a plethora of benefits for your skin. Apricot meal scrub is a natural scrub for smooth and soft skin. This powder deeply exfoliates the skin, naturally treats ingrown hair and smooths and moisturizes skin and leaves skin with a lovely natural aroma.

Usage: Once a week, take a little Apricot meal Scrub and add double amount of Water, rose water or Milk. After making the paste, apply and exfoliate your skin (face/body) with the paste in circular movements. Wash thoroughly and do not use Soap