Why should you use body oils?


Moisturizing is crucial to get healthful, radiant skin, and ought to be accomplished daily. There are many various approaches by which you may go about attaining supple and beautiful skin; however, within this particular blog, we will cover the significance and advantages of utilizing body oil and confront oil for moisturizing the skin.

What Are the Effects of Oils On Skin?

Oils form a pertinent part of our daily lives. They also hold a high stature in skincare rituals, especially when it comes to nourishing and healing the skin. 

Ayurveda's age-old science emphasizes the wonders oil can do for skincare -- from keeping your skin vibrant and flawless to summoning a wave of tranquility within the body and facilitating a healing process from within.

Oil has the power to do wonders. It not-only aid in acquiring flawless skin but helps in strengthening it as well. With the soothing aroma of infused oils, get the mind and physical relaxation. Here, have a look at some of the benefits of the oil.

  1. No more wrinkle worries!

Facial oils are enriched with antioxidants that work against damage-causing free-radicals. Exposure to sunlight and stress triggers aging signs like fine lines, pigmentation, and dark spots. Primrose oil, vitamin-E oil, and grape seed oil have anti-aging and healing properties that nourish the skin without making it greasy, one of the most groundbreaking benefits of oils in skincare.

  1. Hello, hydration!

If you're someone who has been trying to do away with dryness since forever, nothing can be more useful for your skin than coconut oil. Add a few drops of rosehip or olive oil to it, and voila! Your skin will go from flaky to flawless overnight! The best part, oils can be applied to target dry patches as well. Unlike moisturizers, their lightweight formula gets absorbed in the skin instantly without any greasy clumsiness!

  1. Pollution police!

One of the essential benefits of skincare oils is their ability to counteract the damage caused by UV radiation and pollution-induced reactive oxygen species (ROS). ROS damage skin tissue, which hampers the skin's natural protein-making ability. This leads to a dullness that takes over the skin, a problem especially faced by city dwellers. Skin oils like Rosehip and Avocado oil act as a fueling force to strengthen and boost collagen production, which helps renew the skin healthily. 

  1. Inflammation, what's that?

If you have sensitive skin that puffs up like a balloon when exposed to unsuitable conditions, then get your hands-on lavender, grapeseed, or chamomile oil. These oils have anti-inflammatory properties and help calm easily irritated skin. Their cooling properties are also fabulous at tackling ailments like rosacea and eczema too. 

  1. Zit-No-More!

If you have oily skin, and the thought of applying oils on it doesn't make a lot of sense to you, hear this: the best oils for healthy skin are specially tailored to work with your natural oils help maintain the balance your skin needs. Tea tree oil and jojoba oil are the best oils for healthy skin and can reduce oil production, making a great addition to your topical acne regimens, often causing the skin to dry out.

  1. Makeup, mate!

The wonders of skincare oils are not just limited to making the texture and quality of skin better, but also provide an excellent base for makeup. Easy-to-settle in, oils like mandarin and pumpkin seed make for a smooth canvas for makeup, allowing it to stay put for long and giving a brighter look to your whole Face.

  1. Pore cure!

As far as the pores are concerned, Squalene, Marula, or Jojoba oil are all-rounders and work well with all skin types. They can help with redness, skin-conditioning, and won't clog pores. Moreover, they are packed with essential vitamins that control sebum production and pull out grime and fats from pores, thereby keeping the skin fresh and rejuvenated. Oils to avoid in skincare are argan and coconut oil since they have a larger molecule size that may block pores and contribute to acne. Thought, You can use them as hair oil though. 

The Advantages of face oil and body oil :

Face oils and body oils have an important place in our daily skincare regime to maintain healthy, hydrated skin. Your skin requires 70% water and 30 percent oil to keep equilibrium. Over 5000 years, the Royal Indians, The Roman empire, The Greek empire, having been using these oils for their beauty rituals. 

Natural ingredients like Avocado, Argan, Moringa, Grapeseed, Sesame, Apricot, Almond, etc. are mixed in various combinations to assist and help the skin.


Why use oils for Face and body - 
5 benefits of Body oils and face oils!

#1 - Body oils or Face oils are super-food for your skin! 

Oils have natural properties that help in giving the required nutrients to the skin. Moisturizers and body lotions definitely keep your skin hydrated, but oil does a step better in providing nutrients and gives extra moisture than your favorite cream!

#2 - Body oil helps in skin rejuvenation.

Other than the hydrating benefits, certain oils can help heal scars, lighten the appearance of stretch-marks, alleviate irritated skin, and even help with cellulite.

#3 - Health Benefits.

In addition to the visible skin improvements such as radiant and healthy skin, body oils also significantly impact your mental well-being. Using body oils can reduce the level of stress and improve the overall sense of emotional well-being.

#4 - Check the skin sagging. 

Oils help to tone the skin and checks the sagging skin. As it provides the required nutrient to the skin, the skin elasticity increases, thereby helping to tone and firm the skin.

#5 - Reverse Sun Damages.

Various oils are flushed with high anti-oxidants and vitamins (especially Vitamin C), which reduces the damages caused by the sun.

How face or body oils work together with your skin?

"Oils penetrate into the skin - It provides required supplements for your skin." Lot of oils stimulates  the organic lipids within the skin, which aids for the balancing and repair of the own skin's moisture barrier, which regulates oil production. Research also demonstrates that if oils are absorbed into your epidermis, the skin's top levels deal with the oils as very own, which has a radiating and nourishing effect on the skin. 

Our skin absorbs 60% of what we put on it, and therefore the chemicals used in products go into the bloodstream. It is imperative to know what we apply, and the product we apply should be good enough to penetrate our body and provide some nutrient value for it. Even a tiny amount, these chemicals have severe long-term damages and can have a significant influence on our hormonal balance and health.

A word of warning  : always buy oils after reading the ingredient list; as many body oils in the market are loaded with fillers and preservatives or the oil extraction process is so bad that all the value are lost during the extraction process itself. Oils by Aroha Oils are one of the purest oils you can ever buy. Made from organic or wildcrafted ingredients and processed in the traditional manner, ensuring that the oil nutrients are not lost. We also infuse our oils with potent herbs to give an added boost to your skin requirements. 

The potency of oils is so critical.

Not all oils are equal. Not even two oils of the same type are equal. The potency of oil is so vital while choosing an oil for your Body and Face. The potency of the oil depends on the few factors, as below -

  1. The extraction process -
    This is where the most nutrient value of the oils is lost, as for an oil manufacturer, yield per kg is essential. Oils are pressed at higher temperatures or at a higher degree of pressure - in both the case the oil lose some of its potency due to the heat or fiction generated. Cold-pressed oil, which Aroha oils use, uses a traditional method of oil extraction called "Ghani vat" - where the wooden press is used, thereby reducing the friction and heat, though the yield is less, but the oils produced are of very high quality.

  2. Blended Oils -

    Various high-value oils are blended in a particular ratio to give various oils the goodness in one face oil or body oil.

  3. Herbs / botanical Infusion -
    You can always use the raw cold press oils on your body, and it will help the skin. But oils can be infused with herbs and whole plants to give them added potency, and specific result-oriented oils can help you the desired skin very quickly. This is one of the best ways to achieve your skin goals.

At Aroha Oils, We infuse the herbs and whole plant in various cold-pressed oils and blend them to have very potent and pure oil for your skincare regime. 

The right way to use oils

Do not worry; incorporating body oils into your routine is extremely simple. Not only that, body oils do everything better than your preferred moisturizing lotion can do and much more. Trust us when we say you won't ever overlook that bottle of lotion one bit.

Here is how we love to use body oils:

Drop some into your bathtub

Add a drop or two of body oil to the bath-tub to let the moisturizing process begin as you bathe.

Apply it post-shower

After showering but before you dry, as your skin is still damp, massage oil over your body. A bit goes a long way and works wonders to rejuvenate and moisturize skin.

Make the Most of the healing powers.

Certain oils are infused with essentials oils, which may work wonders to relieve stress. 

Show extra dry spots TLC.

Give these pesky dry areas of the body (like cuticles and heels) an extra dose of oil to show those areas some tender love and care. It will make all of the difference in the long term.

Remove stretch marks.

Since oils penetrate deep past that first layer of skin, they're fantastic for reducing the appearance of stretch marks. You'll notice a difference over the years as oils operate to boost elasticity, preventing stretch marks from showing up again.

Use it as a massage oil.

Another fantastic way to place your body oil into great use is to use it as a massage oil. Have your significant-other massage your feet, back, or where you want it the most. This is likely to make your skin supple, soft, and loosen up the muscles and ease strain -- basically, using oil is an all-around win.

Prevent razor burn.

Apply oil on your legs for a smooth shave sans the burns!

Last Thoughts

This winter, take a dash of body oils instead of your body lotions and keep it up for a month to see the visible difference in your skin. You will find your skin soft, radiant, and supple. 


At Aroha Oils, we have Four very potent oils for your demanding and array of skin requirements - 

  1. Anti-aging Body Oil - Aroha oils' Kesari - Radiating Anti-aging Body Oil is loaded with the goodness of whole plant and herbs, which provide all the required supplements for the skin for all day. Prolonged use of Kesari Body oil will leave your skin silky smooth and radiant.

  2. Healing Body Oil - Sparsh - Which a treatment oil - is infused with rare herbs, other botanicals, and with a blend of oils to give a potent treatment for your blemishes, scars, or marks on your skin.

  3. Anti-aging & Glowing Face serum - Rani - a  hard-working workhorse serum is made using exceptional 26 herbs, including - Kashmir Saffron - which is the world's most expensive spice. These herbs help to brighten  the Face and reduce pigmentations.

  4. Anti dandruff & Nourshing Hair Oil - Sakti - One of our best selling hair oil is infused with rare himalayan herbs like Jatamansi, Bhringraj and Indian Gooseberry. This oil works at a deeper level making your hair roots stronger, adding shine to them and keeping a check on dandruff. 

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